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Chronos Cube - Zero Edge Infinity Whirlpool 3.00m x 3.00m

Chronos Cube - Zero Edge Infinity Whirlpool 3.00m x 3.00m

Stone design
Bench color
water treatment

Water treatment?

You can choose between chlorine and salt electrolysis.

The pH value is automatically checked and regulated as standard in both variants.*

  • Chlorine is the cheaper and most widely used method for water disinfection. Disinfection with chlorine is a little more time-consuming and has to be checked more frequently than with salt electrolysis. Dosing takes place via a built-in container with liquid chlorine. In addition, the chlorine content can be adjusted by manually adding tablets.

  • Salt electrolysis is on the rise and is being installed more and more frequently. The reason for this is the easy handling and the pleasant water on the skin with minimal salt content. In salt electrolysis, sodium chlorite (salt) is added in a certain amount when filling with fresh water. If the salt level is too low, you will be automatically notified.

*The pH reservoir lasts approximately one year of normal use of the Chronos Cube, so we can replace the reservoir during annual maintenance.

To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages between chlorine and salt water, we have created a separate section for this in our FAQ .

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*You can also experience and order the Chronos Cube from us on site. We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you! Contact



Chronos Cube - Zero Edge Infinity Whirlpool

- Zero Edge Whirlpool for up to 6 people

- Infinity waterfall

- Solid stone design

- Hand built in Germany

- self-supporting thanks to V4A stainless steel frame and V4A stainless steel tray (hand-welded)

- transportable and relocatable

- no fixed assembly necessary / installation location can be changed using a pallet truck or crane (above-ground pool concept)

- Surfaces made of large format tiles up to 240cm long (modern & low-joint construction)

- Large format tiles to choose from 6 designs

- Circumferential waterfall pool with integrated bench and entry platform (choice of 4 bench colors)

- 18 jet massage nozzles integrated flush with the surface

- 120 air massage jets all around, invisibly integrated into the seat and footwell

- High-end whirlpool control can be controlled via app and or optional touch panel

- 9000 W heating power for up to 40°C water temperature

- 3x surrounding LED stripes (RGB) for indirect lighting (2x inside + 1x outside)

- 3x operating modes selectable - 1 x Efficiency Mode (skimmer operation) and 2 x Infinity Overflow (high and low)

- automatic Water treatment for pH and chlorine monitoring or by configuration pH value and salt electrolysis monitoring (remote monitoring possible)

- automatic level measurement & fresh water refilling

- Adjustable waterfall silencers for waterfall noise reduction

- Cover for Chronos Cube and waterfall pool is included

- Large-area integrated insulation material made of XPS for thermal insulation

- 5x pumps (2x jet massage, 2x waterfall, 1x circulation & filtering) + airblower

The shipping costs include insured transport, assembly, commissioning and return delivery of the shipping packaging


- (Optional) Semi-annual maintenance & cleaning within DE €1,350 / EU+CH+LIE €1,650 incl. 19% VAT.

Technical specifications

- Size 300x300x98cm (LxWxH)

- Empty weight of whirlpool including waterfall basin 1400 KG / operating weight including water (2500 L = 2500 KG) filled 3900 KG = 433 KG/sqm

- 400V / 32A connection

Production & Shipping

- The Chronos Cube was developed in Germany and is built by hand in several hundred hours.

- Delivery time 10 - 12 weeks

- Shipping within Germany including crane & construction €2,850 including 19% VAT.

- Shipping within EU+CH+LIE including crane & construction €4,850 including 19% VAT.

- Shipping international including crane & construction €7,850 without VAT.


- 20 year guarantee on stainless steel frame & stainless steel tray

- 5 year guarantee* on surfaces and workmanship (porcelain stoneware tiles)

- 2 year guarantee on electronics & wearing parts

* Hairline cracks due to improper use are excluded

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  • patented

  • STONE SURFACES made of large format tiles

  • at any time

  • Sitting by the WATERFALL

  • highest quality

  • Simple PLUG & PLAY technology

    20 years on stainless steel tub

    5 years on surfaces

    2 years on technology

  • FULLY AUTOMATED and the first 2 years of maintenance included for you