A feeling of freedom and infinity

Experience the inspiring beauty of an endless horizon with the Chronos Cube.

The edges of the Chronos Cube are designed to give the impression that the water is flowing into the distance and visually merging with the horizon. The view from the whirlpool without visible boundaries creates a feeling of freedom and infinity.

Let your gaze wander into the distance, detached from the stresses of everyday life - all of this makes the Chronos Cube a perfect place to regenerate, gather new strength and stay creative and productive.

Thanks to Zero Edge Infinity, the whirlpool can be seamlessly integrated into the surroundings. The beauty of this concept lies in its minimalist simplicity, which at the same time creates an elegant and timeless aesthetic.


With our Zero Edge Infinity effect we create a fascinating optical illusion. The unique illusion is created as if the water surface were a seamless glass plate. This effect creates a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing transition between water and surroundings than ever before.

Whether you're relaxing in your Chronos Cube or sitting poolside, Zero Edge Infinity transforms the water into an endless, reflective surface that will enchant your senses.

Perfect purity

Even in the most demanding environments, the water always remains immaculately clean thanks to the overflow effect. Dirt particles such as leaves are elegantly drained over the edge so that the water surface always remains crystal clear and inviting.

We not only ensure an aesthetic experience, but also ensure the hygiene of the water. With the overflow effect you reach the highest level of water purity and elegance. Immerse yourself in a world of unadulterated beauty!